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Time & Space Limitedhas been using theater, art, and community action to inspire positive change in Hudson since 1991.

Hudson bills itself as the "Walkable City"—they call it "Upstate's Downtown." However, funding for the "wide, fully paved" sidewalks that the city touts is limited to upscale commercial areas, like Warren Street, leaving the rest of the community to figure out their own way to live up to the promise of walkability.

TSL is all too familiar with this problem.

Sidewalks in front of the art and theater space, which calls Columbia Street home, take a beating from the truck route that passes through the neighborhood, leaving them cracked, uneven, and full of sinkholes—forget about trying to push a baby carriage, operate a wheelchair, or go for a jog.

Access to the TSL building, and by extension, its programming, was limited. Worse, the neighborhood's walkability, one of the most important characteristics of a safe and efficient urban area, was thwarted.

Without a safe and walkable route through the city, the lower income neighborhoods northwest of Columbia Street were effectively disconnected from Time & Space Limited and from Hudson's downtown business area.

After a while, it becomes hard to ignore the fact that this needs to be done.

—Linda Mussmann, TSL co-director, on the sidewalk renewal project

In September 2014, after advocating for the repair to the city, the state, and development organizations for over a year to no avail, TSL made a decision:

They would take on the sidewalk renewal project, and with it, a $30,000 bill.


That's the approximate number of bricks the sidewalk renewal project required.

Like most not-for-profits and arts organizations, TSL runs on a shoestring budget, supported by a grassroots constituency of members, individual donations, and minimal grants. For a project of this magnitude, TSL will need a few partners.

That's where you come in.

Together we can make it happen.


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Step by step, we're making a difference in Hudson.

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40 Years of TSL

TSL is a veteran of community change. Founded in New York City in 1973 before migrating to Hudson in 1991, TSL has spent the past four decades fostering innovative thought and discourse, providing a safe space for dialogue across class, color, gender, and ethnicity lines, and sparking change through art, activism, and education.