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From Sunday, March 1st to Tuesday, March 31st

Special Events: Fund TSL Building Community Brick X Brick

The Time & Space Limited team lobbied for months for grants or loans to replace the Columbia Street sidewalk, battered by decades of truck route traffic-but received no assistance from the city or the state. You'll remember, the sidewalk was in terrible shape, full of sinkholes and impossible to walk on safely, let alone ride a bicycle or tricycle, push a baby stroller, or operate a wheelchair.

That's why we took on the Sidewalk Renewal Project. Last fall, we spent a total of $30,000 replacing the sidewalk, allowing access to TSL for every community member and improving the entire neighborhood.

Now, TSL is looking to defray the cost of these community improvements by looking to the community-the community of Hudson, the community of New York State, the arts community, and the community of those who believe art and empowerment should be accessible to all.

We've launched a brand new fundraising campaign for TSL-a 30-day Indiegogo campaign for the sidewalk.

Help Fund our Campaign Brick by Brick

Thursday, Mar 5th: 5:30
Friday, Mar 6th: 5:30
Saturday, Mar 7th: 5:30
Sunday, Mar 8th: 5:30
Thursday, Mar 12th: 8:15
Friday, Mar 13th: 8:15
Saturday, Mar 14th: 8:15
Sunday, Mar 15th: 5:15
Member: $6, General: $8, Student: $6

Movie: Mommy

Written & directed by Xavier Dolan. A passionate widowed single mom (Anne Dorval) finds herself burdened with the full-time custody of her unpredictable 15-year-old ADHD son (Antoine Olivier Pilon). As they struggle to make ends meet, Kyla (Suzanne Clément), the peculiar new neighbor across the street, offers her help. Together, they strive for a new sense of balance.
The film premiered on 22 May 2014, at the Cannes Film Festival, concluding with a 13-minute standing ovation. Following Dolan's receipt of the Jury Prize at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, Guardian writer Xan Brooks introduced the film as "a boisterous Oedipal comedy"

Directed by Xavier Dolan
2014, 2h 19 minutes

Thursday, Mar 5th: 6:15
Friday, Mar 6th: 6:15
Saturday, Mar 7th: 3:00
Member: $6, General: $8, Student: $6

Movie: Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault

A film by Fons Elders. Part one of Philosophers: Debates and Dialogues documents the now-legendary 1971 debate between two very different heroes of the intellectual Left: linguist and activist Noam Chomsky, and cultural theorist and historian of ideas Michel Foucault. Brought together to discuss their divergent views on the concept of human nature, these two heavyweights trace arguments that resonant well into 21st century politics and thought. At the time, both thinkers were not only heroes within academia, but within the burgeoning counterculture as well, making this meeting one of the most important intellectual events of the early 1970s.

Directed by Fons Elders
2012, 1h 20 minutes

Thursday, Mar 5th: 8:00
Friday, Mar 6th: 8:00
Saturday, Mar 7th: 8:00
Sunday, Mar 8th: 3:15
Member: $6, General: $8, Student: $6

Movie: The Humbling

The Humbling tells the story of aging, suicidal stage actor Simon Axler (Al Pacino) and his struggles to find passion for life again. Near his breaking point, he finds motivation in the form of a young and lustful lesbian, Pegeen Stapleford (Greta Gerwig), who has had a crush on Simon since childhood. As their relationship heats up, Simon has a hard time keeping up with the youthful and exuberant Pegeen. He feels more alive than ever before but with many disapproving people protesting their relationship, Simon must decide where his true passion lies. The Humbling is directed by Barry Levinson and also stars Kyra Sedgwick, Charles Grodin, Dianne Wiest, Dan Hedaya and Nina Arianda.

Directed by Barry Levinson
2014, 1 hour 56 minutes

Thursday, Mar 5th: 8:15
Friday, Mar 6th: 8:15
Saturday, Mar 7th: 4:45
Sunday, Mar 8th: 3:00
Member: $6, General: $8, Student: $6

Movie: Ballet 422

From first rehearsal to world premiere, Ballet 422 takes us backstage at New York City Ballet as Justin Peck, a young up-and-coming choreographer, crafts a new work. When 25-year-old NYCB dancer Peck begins to emerge as a promising young choreographer, he is commissioned to create a new ballet for the Company's 2013 Winter Season. With unprecedented access to an elite world, the film follows Peck as he collaborates with musicians, lighting designers, costume designers and his fellow dancers to create Paz de la Jolla, NYCB's 422nd new ballet. Ballet 422 is an unembellished vérité portrait of a process that has never before been documented at New York City Ballet in its entirety.

Directed by Jody Lee Lipes
2014, 1h 15 minutes

Saturday, Mar 7th: 1:30
Saturday, Mar 14th: 3:00
Saturday, Mar 21st: 3:00
Member: $6, General: $8, Student: $6

Classic Movie: Buster Keaton Short Films

[1922-1923] The shorts presented are loaded with laughts, punctuated by breath-taking stunts, and bursting with raw creativity. Over the course of this period, Keaton evolved from a successful slapstick comedian into one of cinema's most inventive visual stylists, and became an enduring icon of American popular culture. Not to be missed!

1963, 1h 15 minutes

Sunday, Mar 8th: 12:55
General: $25, Student: $15

Bolshoi Ballet: Romeo & Juliet

Music: Sergei Prokofiev
Libretto: Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Radlov and Adrian Piotrovsky Choreography: Yuri Grigorovich
Cast: Alexander Volchkov (Romeo), Anna Nikulina (Juliet)

In Verona, the rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues brings bloodshed to the city. When the Capulets organise a masked ball in honour of their daughter Juliet, Romeo Montague and his friend Mercutio attend incognito because of the hatred that tears the two houses apart. Romeo and Juliet fall madly in love, and are distraught when they realize they belong to rival families.

William Shakespeare's timeless story, written in 1595, is brought to the stage through breathtaking choreography and Sergei Prokofiev's much-loved score. With its famous melodies, rhythmic variety and universal theme, this story of impossible love remains an all-time favorite, and is one of the world's most popular ballets.

Stellar performances by Alexander Volchkov and Anna Nikulina illuminate this masterpiece, making the immortal tale of the lovers of Verona an unforgettable experience.

2h 15 minutes

Saturday, Mar 7th: 2:00
Sunday, Mar 29th: 3:00
Member: $6, General: $8, Student: $6

Classic Movie: The Leopard

Il Gattopardo is an epic on the grandest possible scale. The film recreates, with nostalgia, drama, and opulence, the tumultuous years of Italy's Risorgimento -when the aristocracy lost its grip and the middle classes rose and formed a unified, democratic Italy. Burt Lancaster stars as the aging prince watching his culture and fortune wane in the face of a new generation, represented by his upstart nephew (Alain Delon) and his beautiful fiancée (Claudia Cardinale).

Directed by Luchino Visconti
In Italian with English subtitles
1963, 3h 0 minutes

Sunday, Mar 8th: 4:30
Sunday, Mar 22nd: 1:15
Sunday, Mar 29th: 5:30
Sunday, Apr 5th: 3:15
Member: $6, General: $8, Student: $6

Movie: Awake- The Life of Yogananda

Awake is an unconventional biography about an Indian Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s. Paramahansa Yogananda authored the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, which is a go-to-book for seekers, philosophers and yoga enthusiasts today. It was the only book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad and was also a point of entry into Eastern mysticism for George Harrison, Russell Simmons, and countless yogis. By personalizing his own quest for enlightenment and sharing his struggles along the path, Yogananda made ancient teachings accesible to a modern audience. Awake is ultimately the story of mankind itself: the universal struggle of all beings to free themselves from suffering and to seek lasting happiness.

Directed by Paola di Florio & Lisa Leeman
2014, 87 minutes


Sunday, Mar 22nd: 10:00am - 12:00

TSL Hosts : Death Café

TSL hosts the Third Death Café of Columbia County in the Café space . About Death Café: People, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. Our objective is to "increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives." A Death Café is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives, or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counseling session.
See more at the death cafe website.

Saturday, Mar 14th: 12:55
Saturday, Mar 21st: 12:55
General: $25, Student: $15

Met Opera: Live in HD - Rossini's La Donna del Lago (The Lady of the Lake)

Bel canto superstars Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Flórez join forces for this Rossini showcase of vocal virtuosity, set in the medieval Scottish highlands and based on a beloved novel by Sir Walter Scott. DiDonato is the "lady of the lake" of the title, and Flórez is the king who relentlessly pursues her, their vocal fireworks embellishing the romantic plot in this Met premiere production conducted by Michele Mariotti.

3h 30 minutes

Sunday, Mar 15th: 1:00
Adults: $22, Children Under 12: $15

National Theatre of London - NT Live
Live Simulcast: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Pulitzer Prize-winner Katherine Boo spent three years in Annawadi recording the lives of its residents. From her uncompromising book, winner of the National Book Award for Non-Fiction 2012, David Hare has fashioned a tumultuous play on an epic scale.

India is surging with global ambition. But beyond the luxury hotels surrounding Mumbai airport lies a makeshift slum, full of people with plans of their own. Zehrunisa and her son Abdul aim to recycle enough rubbish to fund a proper house. Sunil, twelve and stunted, wants to eat until he's as tall as Kalu the thief. Asha seeks to steal government anti-poverty funds to turn herself into a 'first-class person', while her daughter Manju intends to become the slum's first female graduate.

But their schemes are fragile; global recession threatens the garbage trade, and another slum-dweller is about to make an accusation that will destroy herself and shatter the neighbourhood.

Directed by Rufus Norris
2014, 180 minutes

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