The Chair Campaign

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The first three rows have been have been installed! Linda and Claudia, along with brave volunteers Tom Benenson and Connie Fitzmaurice and our helper Mohammed Jahangear, made the transition from old to new in only two days! Arnica, all around!

We want to thank everyone who has helped make the first half of the new Chair Campaign a success. You have been very patient and now you, and others, will be able to enjoy the cushy new chairs. (Donor recognition plaques still in the works - step by step, seat by seat.)

Thank you:

  • Beatrice Albert
  • Sidney Albert
  • Martha Becker
  • Tom Benenson
  • Judith Benenson
  • Arthur Brooks (in Memory of Teppy Brooks)
  • Sue Chiafullo
  • Susan Christoffersen (x2)
  • Jane Cottrell and Richard Kortright
  • Kathleen Cullen (for David Cullen)
  • Margaret della Cioppa
  • Connie Fitzmaurice
  • Cheryl Gilbert
  • Morag Hann
  • Mary and James Harper
  • David S. Hart and Anthony Radosti
  • George Ihlenburg (in Memory of Kate Charbonneau)
  • Marybeth and Gerry Ketz
  • Donna and Alvin Knoll
  • Jeanne Leavitt (in memory of Frederick Leavitt)
  • Marge and Phil Lewis
  • Florence Meyers
  • Mary Morse
  • Stan Morse
  • Denise Murphy and Robert Ragaini
  • David Petersen
  • Kelly Preyer
  • Carmi Rapport
  • Lynn Rapport
  • Cheryl Roberts
  • Holly Ruff (in honor of Ruth H. Alliger)
  • Anne Krumholz Schomaker (in loving memory of Dr. Wilhelm Krumholz)
  • Christine Schutz
  • Rudy Schutz
  • Betsy and Al Scott
  • Elane and Frederic Seltzer
  • Diane Serber
  • Bettye Southwick
  • Wendy and Gary Spielmann
  • Robin Stapley and Kathleen Dalfres
  • William O. Thomas
  • Alice Mary Timothy
  • Mary and Dan Udell
  • Woodstockers for Peace
  • Anne Zittell

Time & Space Limited’s Chair Campaign makes it possible for TSL to install new theater seats. We’re committed to making your theater-going experience more enjoyable and comfortable, and you make it possible! Help us by sponsoring a chair this year. The seat you save will serve you and other TSL fans well over the years.

We’re replacing the chairs row by row – 14 at a time – as your sponsorships come in. Each chair costs $375 and includes the price of the refurbished chair, delivery, installation, and a brand new name plaque to honor those who are making this campaign happen.

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