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TSL's Art Exhibitions explore themes of social and political relevance through the visual arts. Our galleries showcase work from local and national artists, in juried shows, and all-inclusive community exhibits.



Judy Grunberg Past & Present

A retrospective of work in a variety of art forms
Judy began her career as a painter and graphic artist but has spent the greater part of her life in other, though related, fields. She has worked as a photographer, graphic designer, and textile artist.
Since moving to Chatham in 1965, Judy has been involved with a number of not-for-profit organizations, mostly connected to the arts and the natural environment. She is the founder of PS21, now entering its tenth season of summer performances just north of Chatham, NY, which brings world-class performances to Columbia County and adjacent counties.


Staley B Keith Social Justice Center Community Art Show: The Beauty of Black

In the Time & Space Youth Space
SBK would like to use the month of February, Black History Month, to collect art from our community for a show that will focus on issues of blackness. This a call to artists and other creative people in the city of Hudson. We want people to submit art that conveys however they personally feel inspired about the beauty of Blackness - whether it be about the resilience, courage, and innovation that is a part of Black history, focusing on topics related to African Americans today, or one's hope for the future. Various forms of art are welcome (ie. drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages, photography, etc.), and it can be art that you already own. All art will be returned. Submissions will be needed by Feb. 25th.


An Installation by Linda Mussmann

The gallery continues to show work from the TSL Archives and, in this exhibit, hosts Linda Mussmann's Room/ Raum which will be on display through February.

The installation includes a book of drawings (each page set in a plain black frame) that emerged from an early performance piece developed by Linda and Claudia in the late 1970s. Room/Raum was the first such performance piece written by Linda and it introduced her experiments for voice, movement, light, and text which were to function independently of each another in performance.

In 1978, Room/Raum was translated into German by Hedwig Rappolt and Tarcisi Schelbert. The text was made into a theater piece for four performers (one playing clarinet). The voice and movement followed the diagrams of the drawings. The lights were made of #10 tomato cans and cast large circles of dense light. The set was stark with conduit poles running from floor to ceiling. For a look, check out the gallery and the slides displayed on the old-timey light table.


China Syndrome

TSL Radio Theater is broadcast on WGXC 90.7fm Hands-On radio for 30 minutes every Wednesday at 3:00pm. All the works are written by Linda Mussmann in collaboration with Claudia Bruce and performed by Bruce and the TSL Theater Company over the years. Gerald von Stoddard has re-mastered and, in some cases, re-mixed the original recordings for broadcast. Radio programs are available to purchase. To order, send your request to or call Linda at 518-209-7966.


Avoidance & Peculiar

This new installation by Linda Mussmann is based on a set design for a 1983 performance piece that took place in NYC at The Kitchen. That performance inspired critic Jack Anderson of the NY Times to write: "Miss Mussmann delights in enigmas, her theater-pieces eschew conventional narrative, yet are rich in dramatic tension."


Framing the Catskills

Join the artists at a reception on Friday, Jan. 18 at 6pm, during which they will talk about their art and work. The Driscoll / Lavery Collaboration features images by award-winning nature photographer Francis X. Driscoll, and frames by tramp and folk artist Michael Lavery. The project was conceived in the aftermath of the flooding from Hurricane Irene, as both artists wanted to celebrate the beauty of the Catskill Mountains in spite of all the devastation. Much of the wood in the frames is from recycled and found wood, and Lavery even salvaged a FEMA sign to use as material for one of his pieces. Free to public.


Antietam Re-Membered

The TSL Gallery opens "Antietam Re-Membered," a new installation by Linda Mussmann, on Monday September 17, 2012, at 7:00pm. The exhibition commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam (September 17, 1862) and the significance the battle played in the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Mussmann has constructed a post-modern diaroma in the TSL gallery. The color-coded map of the battlefield is painted on the floor and wall. Significant participants and activists are noted including Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton (founder, Red Cross), and Harriet Tubman (abolitionist, suffragist). Places and symbols are noted. In the past, Mussmann has created installations using historical moments as points of reference for creating works for the theater. During the 1980s, she wrote six performance pieces, the "Civil War Chronicles", based on various incidents in the Civil War that caught her interest. She re-visits and re-imagines them in this new gallery exhibition.

The installation has been a collaborative effort with assistance from TSL staffers: Maria Boxill, Melinda Brathen, Claudia Bruce, Bryce Courbois, and Gerald von Stoddard.

Please join us to commemorate a day that changed the course of American history. The installation opens on Monday, September 17 beginning at 7pm. As the evening darkens, 150 candles will be lit in the parking lot to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle.

The gallery will be open from 7 to 9pm and, thereafter, as follows; Monday thru Friday, 10am to 3pm; before regular movie, opera, theater events; and by appointment. "Antietam Re-Membered" continues through December, 2012. For more information call TSL.



The TSL gallery has been painted an inky-sea blue and acts as a chalkboard for Linda's drawings and text. The muted lighting gives a feeling of underwater shadows and mystery. The images of an albino sperm whale, a 19th-century woman, a Shell oil logo, and Ken Saro-Wiwa, to name a few, weave a story about our search for oil and some of its consequences. The gallery is open during the week from 10am to 3pm, before regular events, and by appointment. Through June.



TSL's Art Gallery is exhibiting the works of Jane Gennaro and Linda Mussmann as two different ways of seeing and thinking and noting the passing of time and travel

Gennaro's work is a series of drawings which are spontaneous diaries of thinking and imagining Jane in Jane's world...these are daily scribblings that reflect the performer/artist's thoughts of her time and life in New York City-here you see her travel with the pen noting her musings.

Mussmann shares her mother's scrap books from trips across America starting in 1950. She also includes some of her note books that she has kept for over 30 plus years-in these books you see some similar thoughts of journeys most imagined -these trips were the fodder for theater pieces-some trips went through the civil war, some trips went through the badlands of the mind and created staged works from the late 1970's starting with a piece called ROOM/RAUM (deeply influenced by Gertrude Stein) to the Civil War Chronicles, to the projects where Clover was invented to be a kind of Chaplinesque figure representing "linda" as she toured the landscape of "DEALS & DIALOGUES". Check it out...stop in or see it while attending a performance.


Closing Reception for War, Materials & Lies, part 2

Please join us on Monday, November 14, from 6-8 pm for the closing of TSL's exhibition War: Material & Lies. To celebrate the closing and to commemorate Veteran's Day, we invite you to an evening of live Jazz performed by the Bard Contemporary Jazz Composers Ensemble, as well as a poetry reading by Ifetayo Cobbins (Tayo), a young Hudson poet. Wine and cheese will be served throughout the evening. Come see the works of Kevin Caplicki, John Cooley, Ryder Cooley, Janet Cooper, Molly Fair, Jen Harris, Christine Heller, Linda Horn, Berta Leone, Josh MacPhee, Claudia McNulty, Jack Millard, Franc Palaia, Rob Ragaini, Peggy Reeves, Sam Sebren, Richard Selesnick, Nicholas Kahn, Peter Schumann, Ed Smith, Chris Stain, Earl Swanigan, and Carlo Travaglia The next exhibition is Priced to Sell on December 3, 2011. All works will be priced at $100 or less. For this show only, the split is 50/50. TSL's portion will go towards upcoming exhibitions in the new gallery space. For those of you interested in being in the show, please contact Maria Boxill at


War, Materials & Lies, Part 2

Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm

This is the second part of a series dedicated to thinking about war - and perpetual wars like those the United States has engaged in over long periods of time. TSL hosted the first part of this exposition in 2008 and now revisits the theme and its effects on our world.

On this anniversary of September 11th, TSL opens the gallery to artists who are engaged in rethinking, remembering, and reacting to a seemingly endless era of conflict. Featured artists include: John Cooley, Ryder Cooley, Janet Cooper, Jen Harris, Christine Heller, Linda Horn, Berta Leone, Jack Millard, IR Mutt, Franc Palaia, Rob Ragaini, Peggy Reeves, Sam Sebren, Josh MacPhee, Peter Schumann, Earl Swanigan, Ed Smith, and Carlo Travaglia, Chris Stain, Kevin Caplicki, Molly Fair, and others.

Closing reception will be Monday, November 14th, and will feature Bard Contemporary Jazz Composers Ensemble and poetry by Ifetayo Cobbins.


Justin Lander - Disposable Landscapes: An exhibition of Cheap Art

The artist has delved into the cardboard pile, in order to extract the essence of picture perfect sunsets, handsome autumn hillsides and all encompassing cloud filled skies. We encourage discarding, mistreating, re-gifting or otherwise neglecting these landscapes. Take one home for just $7! These landscapes are cheap and disposable, as opposed to the real landscapes in which we live.


The TSL Art Collection

Currently on Display
Over the years, TSL has received gifts of art from a variety of individuals - artists, gallery owners and collectors - in the TSL community. This artwork includes paintings, photography, drawings, prints and multi-media pieces, by artists such as Michael Schell, Holly Northrop, Paul Hamann, John Musall and John Lippert. A portion of the collection is now on display in the TSL Gallery. TSL hopes its audience will take the opportunity during the chilly winter weeks to come in, warm up and view this eclectic body of work.


Abraham Ferraro's Stationary Climber

October 2008
The climber is a vertical climbing track that rotates as Abe climbs which, in turn, rotates a drawing table on its axis in circles. A drawing jig mirrors the up and down movements on the rotating surface. Contained within the jig is a marker, linked via cables to Abe's arms, which causes the marker to move. The performance lasts as long as Abe can endure or a predetermined time limit. Through real sweat the Climber depicts the struggle (mental and physical) endured by artists during the realization of art. Art about art. A sisyphean tragedy for artists.


War: Material and Lies

September - October 2008
Continues the dialogue about where we are as a nation, state, and community. Artists featured in the exhibit include Janet Cooper, Grier Horner, Jackson, Berta Leone, Sam Sebren, Ed Smith, and Cat Thompson.



April 2008
This show is to display objects of MEMORABILIA---REAL or IMAGINED.
These objects are valued for the connections that they have with historicalevents for example or something precious to the owner--a souvenir, keepsakeor memento etc. etc.
They are things REMARKABLE and worthy of remembering.


Lost Polaroids - Gerald Dearing

February - March 2008
Awake dear dreamer! Looking at the photographs in the Lost Polaroids exhibition, one can easily get lost in the fragile images of Gerald Dearing's visual storytelling. A few scratches on a glass surface, a wasteland in which a delicate tree stump casts its shadow or simply the weighted sadness of clouds over the ocean, all lead us into another realm.

A child of WWII, Gerald Dearing grew up in Normandy, France, where the northern lights provided his first inspiration as a photographer and a lasting influence that has permeated his entire oeuvre.



Hudson in Black & White

November - December 2007
Featuring b/w photography of Hudson by regional artists Dick Crenson, Paul Hamann, Karen Keats, Holly Northrop, Carlin Thomas, Robert Ragaini, David Lee and others.



2004 - 2008
From the beginning of the war in Iraq until the end of 2004, TSL documented the deaths of US soldiers by placing their names, ranks, ages, and hometowns on strips of paper and pinning them on a map of the U.S.

On January 6th 2006, TSL began map #2: Home.Land.Grief. Continues . . .Since the end of 2004, the number of soldiers lost in Iraq has doubled and has now surpassed 3,000. (This number does not take into account the Americans wounded or the number of Iraqi citizens who have lost their lives.)


Snapshots: Iraq

November - December 2006
Alongside the war, there is daily life. Photojournalist and National Guard soldier Stephen Ross shows snapshots of daily life in Iraq.


100 Years - Remembering Harold Mussman Sr.

September - December 2006
Linda Mussmann's father Harold would have been 100 on this day, September 28. His life spanned most of the 20th century. He witnessed many events in his lifetime. He moved from farming with horses to farming with tractors. He picked corn by hand with a wagon led by a horse. One wagon load took him all day to harvest. He was a farmer who could fix things, build things, wire things, butcher animals, grow crops, raise chickens and cattle, and corn, and beans, and wheat, and cut hay, and figure the books, care for his parents, mend the fences, cut wood, fix the corn picker, make a speech, become a leader in the church and the community, drive a car, take a vacation, ride a horse, hitch a buggy, figure a long column of numbers in his head, cut deals, raise children and grandchildren and care for his wife when she was sick - and more. Linda was the 4th child of Hilda Mary Wille and Harold Herman Mussman(n) Sr. of Kankakee County born in Yellowhead Township, Illinois. Linda takes a look at her Dad and at his 100 years on Thursday with photographs, letters, and other materials relating to his long life.



Fairview: The Strip

September - October 2006
What happens when Mom and Pop get evicted? 'Main Street' was once the source for groceries, shoe-repair, laundromats, and affordable restaurants. The commercial center of a small town has traditionally served as a gathering place--the cultural and spiritual center-point of a community. Fairview: The Strip examines the ecological, technological and cultural rifts that result from the dominance of the strip mall in towns across America.


Made In China

May - June 2006
They said that Mao and his little red book threatened the free world and the American Dream. Others said that there were big profits in China. Everyone said that Americans wanted more products for less money. Made in China explores propaganda, global commerce, human rights, and consumerism as artists respond to American constructions of China. Includes film, text, sculpture, and visual art.


Why I Save What I Save

May - June 2005
Examines the people's obsession with saving. This is not about "collecting" Why do people save things? Is this about hanging on to the past? Is this a way of seeing time? Is this about showing "fetish" or a way of organizing? Is saving about the color, the line, the shape, the joy of repetition, the love of more of the same?



Coming soon- The China Syndrome

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