20 Years in Hudson

Linda and Claudia

The month of July marked the beginning of the 20th year that TSL has been in Hudson. Over the past two decades, Linda and Claudia have slowly, and surely, renovated the old bakery one space at a time, one projector at a time, one program at a time, one seat at a time . . . one, one, one.

This has all been accomplished with the hard work and dedication of our staff and with the help of a host of special friends, members, businesses, and foundations who put their trust and funds behind the TSL idea. It has never been easy, but it has never been boring, either.

Some of you remember the days when you brought your own cushion to soften the hard wooden pews. Those were the days of the 16mm projector - time out for reel changes - a quick trip in the dimmed lights to the popcorn machine, which was stationed just to the right of the screen. Some of you might also remember the night it was so hot (and way before the a/c was installed) that Claudia ran out to the corner store, while Linda kept the film going, and came back with free popsicles - applause all around!

And, of course, there was the big event five years into our run when we built the bonfire in the parking lot and burned the mortgage.

So it has been an adventure from the start and continues to challenge, entice, and fulfill us to this day. We thank all of you who have stuck by TSL during the years - supporting our programming and encouraging us with words and deeds.

Many of you, along with newcomers to TSL, were with us on Saturday, August 14, for our Big Barn BBQ at the magnificent and historic Spencer-Shimkin barn in Ancramdale. There was delicious food, including an impressive array of homemade desserts contributed by our members, activities for kids, live music and, especially, a great community experience. What a spectacular day it was and a wonderful highlight as we continue to celebrate our 20th year in Hudson.

From the cast and crew of TSL,
Thank you for all your support.

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